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Welcome to AttaullahKhan.com. Attaullah Essakhelvi is the well known singer in Pakistan, India and UK and some other countries. He has a world record for the highest number of audio albums. He was born on August 19th, 1951 in the town Essakhel in Miyanwali District of Pakistan.

He had given his first singing programme on Radio Pakistan Bahwalpur in 1972 and also given a stage show in Mianwali in the same year. That was the time, he did not see back and now he is the single person in the world, who has the world record of audio music albums. As an actor he has also expressed his talent in movies and sung for movies in Pakistan and India.

The first professional audio cassette was recorded by the Rehmat Gramophone, Faisalabad, and after then NMC, RGH, PMC, Sonic and other Music companies in Pakistan and T-series in India recorded his albums.

I and all the fans of Attaullah Khan wish for his long life and hapiness.

More About Attaullah Khan Essakhelvi
Atta Ullah Khan Niazi
Showbiz Name
Atta Ullah Khan Essa Khailvi
Place Of Birth
Essa Khail, Pakistan
Date Of Birth
19th August 1951
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