Jhoom barabar, the all time hit Aziz Naza live at Canada, very rare video by Mumtaz Naza   1 year ago


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Jhoom barabar is a legendary song written, composed and sung by Aziz Naza. It has been played in lots of films in drunken scenes as a background music. As the qawwali is popular a lots of stories are linked with it. Firstly it has been released by Columbia music co. at the old thick disk record and it has gone so popular that HMV has re-released it several times. Haji Mastan made the show reel of this song and played it in between his film “Mere Gharib Nawaz” and because of this 20 minute’s show reel “Mere Gharib Nawaz” became a great hit. Later I. S. Johar purchased it for his film “Five Rifles” and it too has proven a great hit. Later Pakistani singer Munni Begum sang it but she gave Aziz Naza’s name at record as a music director, this Munni Begum’s record brought her a big success. This is the only qawwali song which made a place in Radio Cylone’s popular program “Binaca Geet Mala” and it has been there up to 20 weeks.